Subscription 4K OTT IPTV (12 Months)

Original price was: € 60,00.Current price is: € 45,00.

The 4K OTT subscription is a wonderfull service, and if you think it’s a bit expensive compared to other subscriptions, let us tell you that it has nothing to do with a SANSAT IPTV or SMART+ subscription or any other bad quality subscription.

The quality of this service deserves every penny spent to obtain it, it is one of the top servers with its affordable price like PLATINUM OTT and MEGA OTT.

The 4K OTT contains more than 13000 channels and more than 50000 VOD.

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The 4K OTT is one of the super affordable servers, it is really rare to find a server with such quality for the price offered.

True 4K FHD and HD quality, for channels as well as for VOD and series.

The 4K OTT contains more than 13,000 channels and more than 50,000 VOD, this subscription is compatible with all equipment and applications.