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Code TELECLIC VOD official.

The TELECLIC subscription works on a single device.

TELECLIC is the world best VOD provider just after Netflix, but without it’s restriction by Geo-localization. You can view the entire library where ever you are and from where ever you connect to the server.

Download the TELECLIC application for free, and order your activation code or contact us for your free TEST.

TELECLIC work only on ANDROID, click here to DOWNLOAD.

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TELECLIC is an application that streams tons of movies and TV show, directly to your Smart TV / BOX and Android smart phone, IOS IDevices will be available soon. The content is neatly organized by category. And you can also use the built-in search function to find the movies you’re looking for.

If you are not yet a subscriber, you can contact us and take advantage of the free 24hour trial offer.

Order a vod TELECLIC subscription and pay securely via PayPal or credit card, we have a reliable and responsible after-sales service.

A growing selection of thousands of regularly updated Films and Series. Find and watch immediately on your Android Smartphone BOX/TV or any other device supported by Android system.

Start watching a movie, then resume playing anytime, on the device of  your choice.

To download the TELECLIC application, just do it from the Playstore.


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