Subscription DREAMTV IPTV (12 Months)

Original price was: € 39,00.Current price is: € 30,00.

It is not a DREAMTV LITE subscription that we are sending you, as already mentioned, we send you what we promised you, no cheating, no scamming.

As an end customer you cannot recognize the difference between the two of them, because they both have the same code combination and the same host (url).

The DREAMTV is a good server with an affordable price, with a list of +10,000 channels and +30,000 VOD and series, it remains to improve the image quality and the content of certain packages.

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This server work with almost all the platforms existing, like Xtream-Codes apps ANDROID BOX TV, SMART PHONES, SMART TV, WINDOWS.

Automatically updated, and no need to update the list from your side, each time you start the app it refresh the playlist.

This subscription work on only one box at a time, and can not be used on another box or another platform.


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