Subscription Code MEGA OTT IPTV (12 Months)



The Canadian friendly IPTV server, is one of the greatest cheapest IPTV server, that we can offer you, with its real full hd image and its large choice of packages, you just can’t have better, a channel list up to 3000+ channel and up to 2000+ VOD on differant Languages, you just can’t pass by without getting it, This server will give sense to your tv.

This server is one of the three servers , that offer the largest list of French canadian and other packages, and a multilangual list of VOD and series, if you doubt just ask for a test…



PRO IPTV Is the cheapest and gratest trustfull server provider you can cross on the net, according to the content the image quality, we guarantee you that you can’t find better then this server MEGA OTT, real full HD quality for whom who have a good internet, an HD and Sd list for whom who have a weak internet connection, This,server offer you a large list of movies and series with differant languages, German French African Spanish Indian and more and more, What about the channels list?!!!…you might ask this, but what you should know, is that this serverchallenge the expenssive servers that coast 80 and more, with its large channel list and its image quality its really worth it.

If we are about to advice you any server, then it will be this one, with 99% up time, and the fast maintenance that they offer, your favorites programme will almost never be out of reach.

This server is known as the Canadian friendly server, as it offer a great Canadian list plus many French and english packages.

This server is compatible with all the boxes and tvs: that you can find in market, Starting By Samsung LG Smart Tv and ending By android boxes and mobile phones.


Test on a smart tv: